Technology Transformation

Technology is a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era. The global team of technology specialists at ASSIS Consulting helps clients across a wide range of industries to develop technology solutions that meet current and future operational demands. We facilitate your organization’s digital evolution, safeguard your competitiveness, protect against legal and regulatory risk, and fuel your growth in an increasingly complex landscape.

How We Help

We bring a strategic and business perspective to clients as well as deep expertise in the most advanced areas of technology. The span of our skills includes IT modernization, digital transformation, enterprise data management, robotic process automation (RPA), cybersecurity, governance and compliance, and machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).


Staying competitive today requires modern and fully optimized IT infrastructure and a technologically informed business strategy. Such a strategy includes enhancing your business operations, introducing new, competitive offerings and improving customer experience.

Our professionals begin by understanding your business strategy and goals, then evaluating current technology and processes to prioritize areas for enhancement. Leveraging our expertise with the latest technology platforms and workflows, our team designs a future state for your IT infrastructure and processes, enabling you to review and secure buy-in before making investments and changes.

In addition, today, most companies struggle to get the most out of their legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We can assist in assessing current and future-state ERP requirements and IN selecting, planning, managing and implementing best-fit solutions.


New, digital paradigms can expand your product offerings, and make your company more competitive, agile and cost-efficient. Our suite of digital transformation services enables revenue, operations and organization design; leverages technology to transform the finance function; and uses AI, machine learning (ML), and digital decisioning to improve decision-making and reduce business risk.

A successful digital transformation involves much more than technology. It extends to processes, team structure, culture change, and governance. All of these facets are managed to perform in concert. Our time-tested digital transformation frameworks, and our deep understanding of client industries, provide a roadmap for your digital transformation in the areas your organization most needs it.


The IT aspects of M&A are among the most pervasive, complex, risky and sometimes expensive activities to address. Companies, private equity firms and legal practices continually rely on us as a trusted partner throughout the transaction lifecycle. We help them deliver a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of IT. This includes technology due diligence, merger integration, technology carveouts, acquisition privacy, security, and other IT issues critical to acquisition decision-making. Whether you’re considering buying, merging or divesting a company, or you’re a legal firm advising a client with a transaction, our technology and legal support practitioners provide a one-stop solution for comprehensive tech diligence.


Businesses must continually innovate to grow, compete and become more profitable. We help companies use technology to create new product offerings, expand geographically, embed their services into the ecosystems of others, and relentlessly automate internal processes. We can help you identify technology-based offerings, modernize operations, and assist with new capabilities such as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and other bespoke applications.


Gaining critical insights from data can help you increase profitability, reduce risk, power data-driven decision-making and facilitate external engagement with customers. No matter your organization’s analytics maturity, we help you get the most out of your data:

  • Business intelligence solutions: We support your decision-making by harnessing data to provide customer analytics, KPIs and visualizations. Our clients also turn to us to help make complex analytics more routine, customizing ML, AI and other tools to incorporate into day-to-day use.
  • Enterprise data management: Let us show you how to build and maintain a “data culture” to obtain, structure, and manage information that drives business and customer engagement. We can help you harness and unify your data and make it available across your company.
  • Machine learning and AI: These sophisticated algorithms can now be developed and deployed at industrial scale to provide deep insights, interact with your consumers, solve complex problems, and intelligently automate repetitive human tasks. Our firm’s  Experts data scientists and practitioners across the globe can bring these new technologies to your company, help you get started cost-effectively, and help you implement them at scale. We can also run these processes for you in our dedicated, certified data centers, if needed.


To achieve continued growth, organizations must understand their own environments, strengthen their cyber defenses, and respond immediately to threats and breaches. From proactive information governance and cybersecurity programs to post-breach investigations and mitigation, our experts help clients address their most critical cybersecurity needs and integrate new solutions with pre-existing ones to address and protect against cyber threats. For Chief Information Security Officers – or for companies wishing to outsource this function – ASSIS Consulting provides turnkey capabilities in cyber-defense, penetration testing, ransomware attacks and negotiation, crisis communications, policy and governance, and disaster recovery.